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In-person auditions for dance are preferred and recommended. Auditions by video may be submitted if, due to hardship or extenuating circumstances, you cannot audition in person.

The physical dance audition consists of two parts:

1. Group audition technique class: 75 minutes, combined ballet and lyrical/modern. The group audition class will be used as the physical warm up and chance for faculty to meet and observe prospective students in a group setting prior to individual auditions and interviews.

2. Individual audition and interview: Prepare a 2-3 minute variation or dance in the style of your choice. Please bring recorded music (CD or mp3).

Your application should include:

1. Recent photos of yourself wearing modest black leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers, or bare feet: (a) full body shot standing center, (b) at tendu 2nd, and (c) arms á la seconde.

2. Résumé of your performing experience with dance/theatre.

3. Two dance videos of yourself, preferably in varying styles no more than five minutes each. Please site the choreographer, and clearly identify yourself if your clip shows you dancing as part of an ensemble. In the video, give a brief, informal introduction of yourself with an explanation of how and why you chose the dances performed in the video (this may be either written or part of the video).


Drama applicants are required to submit videos of two prepared monologues. One monologue should be serious and one should be comedic. Both pieces should be memorized.

Applicants must also submit a video recording of a live theatre or film performance in which they have participated.

In addition, applicants with scriptwriting or directing experience may also submit a copy of an original script and/or a video recording of one such piece.

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