Technology and production applicants are required to submit a portfolio. This portfolio may consist of:


1) one-page projects and skills resume that

  • is written as though applying for a job as a media director for a church or para-church organization, provides details of applicants experience and education (if any), lists pertinent skills, including what software and other equipment that applicant is proficient in, and includes a short list of any projects in which the applicant has participated.


2) three to five media samples (audio and/or video totaling no less than seven minutes) that represent both technical proficiency and creative ability). Each sample must be accompanied by a short written synopsis that

  • explains the piece,
  • includes the time and place recorded,
  • explains the purpose and vision for the project,
  • identifies the specific role and contribution of the applicant, and
  • lists equipment and software that applicant worked with directly in the making of the video.

Audio Samples may include recorded material representative of the applicant’s work in studio or live production and recording (e.g., a church service that applicant has mixed, musicians applicant has recorded, etc.). Each audio sample should be two minutes or longer.

Video samples may represent applicant’s work in video production (such as a short film) or live production. Each video sample should be one minute or longer.

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